BACK GARDEN GALLERY :                           
                 SHOP TALK
                                                      Avalon's Local Business District


   LIBRARY     :  Book collection featuring New Jersey History
                            Paintings by resident artists
ENTRY:  Restored 1889 painting of Avalon from the dunes, by Joseph Wells,
celebrating Avalon's 125th Anniversary

                   "Hot Stuff" - Avalon's Fire  

       NEW for Summer 2017
       Avalon Police Dept.
      Avalon EMT

  CONTI (West Room):  Lifeguard 
                                       Beach Patrol     

​   Featuring Original Avalon Beach patrol Lifeboat No.1

   DILLER (East Room):  Avalon in the 1940's

BACKYARD GARDEN  A walk of bricks purchased  by 
                                            supportive families and friends.

 GIFT SHOP :Christmas ornaments commemorating Avalon's 
         historic landmarks (2016 ornament - Welcome to Avalon sign),     
         T-Shirts, caps, books, cards & more.     
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2017 Photo Contest entrants will be here