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   2022 EVENTS 

PHOTO CONTEST - Entries for the 18th Annual Photography Contest were accepted during the month of May,                                                    when amateur photographers entered their photos in four different categories. Entries                                                            were on display through June, after judging by Al Campbell, Suzanne Dagit Sennhenn and                                                    Scott Prince. The Historical Society thanks the judges for their time and expertise.
                                                  First place winners of each category were:
                                                  Avalon – John Kauterman for “Surf’s Up”
                                                  Nature – George Wallace for “Osprey Nest Sunset”
                                                  Portrait & Personality – Judi Rogers for “Harry”
                                                  Scenic – Judi Rogers for “Morning Bliss”
                                                  Best in Show ribbon went to Deanna Sasdelli for 
                                                                                              “Magical Beach Mist”

HOUSE  TOUR - The Avalon Historical Society Olde House Tour, held Friday, June 24, was a huge success with more                                     than 150 patrons visiting some of Avalon’s treasured older homes. We thank the following                                                       homeowners for opening up their homes:
                                   Jeannine McCullough & Dan Fiorella: 3249 First Avenue 
                                   Joseph & Lisa White: 86 W. 26th Street
                                   Hank Page & Nick Lanzi: 1710 Avalon Avenue
                                   M.J. Kirkpatrick: 158 11th Street
                                   Jill & Bill Knoll: 703 21st Street
Chairperson Rose Marie Chew calls these early homes “the treasure of Avalon”. 
Be sure to look for this event in June 2023.

MINIATURE GOLF -  Fifty-one participants took part in this family fun evening on July 7th at Go Fish, 2418 Dune                                                 Drive. The Avalon Historical Society thanks Kelly Yoh and all at Go Fish for their time,                                                           support of the society and generous donation.

VINEYARD VINES - A Special Event was held by Vineyard Vines, a business at 2619 Dune Drive, on July 15th. From                                            11am to 1pm, shoppers at the store received 10% off of their purchases, and Vineyard Vines                                                  donated 10% of total sales to the Society.
                                          This was a first-time event and was deeply appreciated by the Avalon Historical Society.

COCKTAIL PARTY - Our deepest appreciation goes to Julie Donatelli and her husband Michael for hosting a lovely                                               cocktail party at their home on First Avenue. Julie’s intention for the event was to bring added                                               recognition to the Historical Society and History Center. The evening was well-planned and                                                   attended and enjoyed by all. 
                                                     Thank you, Julie and Michael     

11th ANNUAL CLAMSHELL - The 11th Annual AHS Clamshell Pitch took place at the 30th Street Beach on the 
                                                              morning of July 23rd
                                                              After much enthusiasm and competitive brackets, the winners were:
                                                              2022 Clamshell Pitch Singles 
                                                              1st Place:  Rob Broadwater
                                                              2nd Place: Mark Broadwater 

                                                    2022 Clamshell Pitch Doubles
                                                    1st Place: Johnny Gaudreau & Rich Morris 
                                                    2nd Place - Rob & Mark Broadwater

AHS HOLIDAY PARTY  - Join us to welcome back our Historical Society Holiday Party, on December 3rd from 
                                                    4pm – 7pm, hosted by the History Center, 215 39th Street. All are invited to stop by and                                                          enjoy snacks, wine, good company and good cheer, while admiring the festive vintage and                                                        contemporary decorations supplied and arranged 
                                                    by our good friend Al Haring. 

2022 LIMITED EDITION ORNAMENT  - This year’s Holiday Ornament featuring the Rock n’ Chair/Sportsmen's                                                                                      Tavern is available for purchase online or via QR code and your                                                                                                    smartphone. For pick-up at the History Center only.                                   

See the AFPL History Center website & Facebook page for information, events,  plus monthly programs, upcoming exhibits, recent acquisitions, online exhibits via Google Arts & Culture.

Please consider sharing your COVID-19 experiences with us by completing a brief survey, available from the History Center or online via the AFPL website.

Join the Avalon History Center every 3rd Thursday of the month at 11.00am for tea, cookies  & good conversation on the subject of Avalon of old. 
215 39th St., Avalon, across from the tennis courts.
See AFPL calendar for details